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There are days when everything gets to us... imperceptibly, but we always persevere, as if nothing had happened.

At Sabé we advocate these moments of letting go, sweet fleeting moments in our overbooked days, where for a minute, just one minute, we can escape, one minute when everything can slip off us, one minute distanced from any pollution, one minute to be attentive to oneself, one minute to take a breath.

Our perfume sticks with their «slide-therapy» …touch your skin and connect to the essential… our humanity which, under this caress of perfume reconnects us to our senses, in the simplest of ways.

In search of emotion, an ultra sensorial slide that awakens our epidermal molecules.
Here we are in communication with ourselves, sometimes also with others, by the game, the gesture related to the perfume.

« Slide your fragrance » is to dance with the air and our skin…

A slide to re-connect, express, be romantic or tribal, be academic or invented, composed or psychedelic, always ultra sensorial and never random.

nurturing slide of perfume in the hollows, in the full, rigorous in acupuncture points, audacious and mischievous on the wings of the nose, effective and liberating near the temples and at the roots of our hair, every millimetre of our skins gently calls for these slides of fragrance, calls for the unctuous and generous care that composes each fragrance… then the olfactory molecules trace their organic wave and envelop our momentary canopy.

A slide of perfume just for ourselves, in front of the mirror ending with a smile to oneself and often closing your eyes.

A slide of perfume leaning toward each other like a silent messenger.

A slide of perfume on our other as if to open a dialogue.

liberating slide of perfume that prints its olfactory trace, invisible, sensitive, ultra-sensitive-sensual, archi-sensual, redeeming our day, link between oneself and mainly oneself but surely also with those we love.

A few seconds for a last slide, in front of life, in our redesigned light, oneself imperceptibly re-modeled with an assured energy, strong and soft and intuitively happy!


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Softly yours, Sabé Masson Studio


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